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Process Solid Dish Soap

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Our solid dish soap is a house staple for low waste enthusiasts and dabblers alike. Our simple ingredients were designed to sud up and clean effectively. While there might be plenty to choose from on the market, ours is made in house, eliminates any extra ingredients and cuts grease better than most on the market.

  • unscented
  • vegan
  • long-lasting
  • palm oil free
  • tough on grease

Ingredients: saponified coconut oil and filtered water

Size: 5oz bar

New to solid dish soap? We put ours in this dish soap container and prefer either this palm brush or handle brush. Simply wet the brush, rub thoroughly on the soap and then wash your dishes. typically it isn't for filling up a basin of soapy, suddy water, but occasionally we have been known to run hot water over the soap as we fill up a sink to make a soapy mix to wash in.

While some soap makers add clays, oils and/or scents, we found this detracts from hardness of the soap which can shorten the soaps longevity. Our soap is very hard which means it lasts longer and is tougher on greasy pans.

Just remember to keep it dry between uses because standing water will shorten the life of your soap. We think dedicating a soap dish or a loofah sponge to hold your dish bar is best. We don't add any unnecessary fillers or scent. This humble dish bar has amazing grease cutting power.

This soap is the base ingredient for our in house powdered laundry soap, stain stick and multi-purpose cleaner. More products to be introduced over the year!