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Living into our values

Values are catchy, but for us it is a complex metric of how we invest our collective money. While many of these concepts can seem like buzzword marketing, we use it as a fundamental process in building our brand and its inventory we share with you. 

First we ask how a product, programing or partnership fits in with our 3 R's:




Finding ways to produce LESS trash:

REFILL, Plastic Free, Biodegradable Materials, Less packaging, Recycled Packaging



Sourcing goods that will last. 

Durability, Multi-functionality, Heirloom Qualities, Ingenuity 


Investing in product research:

What is the lifecycle of an item? Where did it come from and where will it end up?



Consumerism is more than the product though. It's the people who make the goods, how those goods interact with the earth and the people that profit from them. 

 After the impact on the Earth we ask ourselves:

  1. Can we find this low waste, sustainable item made by someone who is Black, Indigenous or identifies as a person of color?

  2. Can we be supporting Trans makers and company owners?

  3. Are there people who are LGTBQIA2-Spirit community that make the products we are selling?

* While most of our vendors are women and many are local, this alone does not feel revolutionary.

The market is highly saturated by white folks, like ourselves. We hope to keep finding and purchasing from folks of ALL identities. If you are a person that makes PLASTIC FREE, PACKAGE FREE, DURABLE home goods and personal care items please reach out. 


Last, but not least:

Cost. We do our best to find the most reasonably priced goods to make a low waste lifestyle accessible. It's why we started this store, because let's be honest, this shit can be expensive.

Sometimes this means:

  • We might carry both organic and NON-organic items.

  • We reuse packaging in our shipping, etc. 

  • We may choose to work with or not work with vendors based on their prices, price fluctuation or how their prices compare to the industry standard.

  • We may not carry a locally made version.


Please reach out if you find an item that does not fit these values or you have sourced something you would like to see in our store.