Membership Sign Up!!! 

Open May and November of 2021

Process members pay $45 per year for 10% discount on products. If you spend approximately $35-40 a month your membership pays for itself. You also receive pre-stock/pre-order discounts and educational opportunities. 

Your voice has value. We will be looking to our member community to help shape the narrative of Process General Store through guidance in purchasing, education and more. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

How does this work?

  1. Purchase a membership.
    --> You can either create a login before checkout or at checkout.
    --> If you already have a online store account just purchase the membership.
    --> If it says the email is in use, we likely have you as a customer. Just ask to reset you password.
  2. The membership purchase should tag your account. 
  3. Put some items in your cart.
  4. Checkout: you won't see the 10% discount until you hit the "checkout" button.

* If you do not see your 10% off, then reach out. We can see what's up. 

Can I use it online AND in the store?

Absolutely, we ask if you are a member when you check out or you just let us know! 

I purchased a membership in 2020, what happened to it?

For folks who joined any time in 2020, we extended your membership to last until October 31, 2021. You got extra months just for being so supportive. Please create a login account, if your membership doesn't come up at checkout please reach out.