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Working Members


Working members work 16 hours per month for three months for a 25% discount on most products. After the three months is over, working members can extend their working membership or develop a new kind of position within the store if possible. While it sounds like it's geared for just Process, this position is available for bookstore loving nerds as well. 

1.) Interested? Pick a position:

Retail Clerk Membership

The retail clerk member will be passionate about the low waste lifestyle, be open to learning the POS, and help with day to day tasks. This is a low impact position, but customer care is important. Great opportunity to learn about our products and the movement.

Maker Membership

A maker member has an opportunity to be creative, learn recipes, experiment with products while interacting with a passionate team. This person may come in with the drive to make their own products or to use what we have created thus far. Feeling comfortable and confident in a makerspace is a plus. 

Special Skills Membership

If you are eager to participate, learn and help the growth of our Central Wisconsin low waste community AND you have a special interest or skill you would like to focus on we would love to chat. In order to build community we believe it must be shaped by community. This working membership could help design programming, offer workshops, send out an occasional newsletter, or help with developing content. In store or from home is cool with us. 

2.) Email a letter of interest

  1. You can Email us here.
  2. Subject: Working Member| Position | Name
  3. In your message please include:
  • Which position you want and why, 2-4 sentences.
  • Are you interested in a set schedule?
  • Do you have a special skill?
  • Start date?