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Laundry Powder Simple Tin

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We created this simple formula to be effective without harsh chemicals. We have used this in our own homes for the last two years, adjusting and perfecting it so you can be sure it's tried and true.

  • borax-free
  • unscented
  • septic safe
  • cold-water or hot-water washing
  • includes natural fabric softening ingredients

Ingredients: washing soda, baking soda, Process-made soap (saponified coconut oil, water), citric acid, amylase enzyme

Size: 5 lbs

Use 1 tbsp for HE washers or 2 tbsp for regular washers.

We include citric acid for stain and grease fighting properties - citric acid increases the efficacy of the Process-made coconut oil soap in the formula. It is also a natural fabric softener. Finally, we add amylase enzyme which will target organic matter (like the soup you dropped down the front of your shirt).

Please keep in mind that leaving out mysterious chemicals from our formula means you should pre-treat stains before laundering. Fortunately, we have you covered there, too!

If you want scent, simply add 5 drops essential oil per pound of detergent, give or take, based on your preference. Shake or mix thoroughly to disperse oil.