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Houseplant Magnets Assorted - Wood Engraved

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Customers love these houseplant magnet sets, whether they are purchasing for themselves or as an easy gift for a plant person! This collection features common, popular, and easily recognized houseplants to appeal to a wide variety of visitors in your shop. The four pack includes a monstera, snake plant, fiddle leaf fig, and trailing pothos or philodendron. Each set is attached to a card with removable adhesive dots and packaged in a clear bag so they are easy to display. Our plant magnets are original designs and inspired by favorites in our own home. They are engraved in finished cherry wood and attached to a strong magnet. Each one measures approximately 2 inches tall but sizes vary slightly among the designs; see product photos for details. Wood grain and tone vary by nature. The product photos are examples of the items you will receive, but no two magnet sets are identical - making each pack unique!