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Lip & Cheek Tint: Ghost

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Made with Fair Trade Ingredients :: Plastic-Free Packaging Certified Vegan :: Zero Waste

Sea Witch Botanicals' Color Tint Makeup Cremes are made of all-natural butters, oils, waxes, and minerals. This endlessly versatile line of smooth, blendable color tints is all vegan and free of mysterious synthetic colorants or fragrances. Use the back of your fingernail to scoop a small, concentrated bit of creme from the tin to apply.

Ghost is an iridescent white creme tint that works as a pearlescent eyeshadow, an extraterrestrial highlighter, a shimmery, 90's throwback lip color, AND as a magic color-shifting companion to any other hue in the collection! Turn any other color into a pastel variant by swirling gently together between your fingertips. Clementine becomes Creamsicle. Moss becomes Mermaid Mint. Amethyst becomes Lavender... Mix and match your own new colors!

Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Cocoa butter, Avocado Oil, Candelilla Wax, Oxides