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Mason Jar Lifestyle - Satin / Brushed Finish Soap Pump Dispensers for Mason Jars

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Our Beautiful Satin / Brushed Rust Proof Soap Dispenser Pumps Complement any Bathroom or Kitchen! #2/#4/#5 are different styled pumps. They look different, but function exactly the same. Dispense hand soap, dish soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, or liquid hair care products. Add a rust proof natural stainless steel lid, or customize with our other colors and styles of soap lids! We offer threaded and our classic stainless steel soap pump adapter which attaches with a plastic knut. Included is a 4 1/2″ tube, which is the right length for a quart jar. For a pint jar, cut the tube to fit with a scissors. If you are using a half gallon jar or using the pump with a taller container, we also have 6 3/4″ tubes (8 3/4″ with the pump) available. Be sure to cut the tube short enough that it does not touch the bottom of your jar for proper suction. They are made of stainless steel and plastic. The satin finish looks like a natural or brushed stainless steel. The threading is 28/400.