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Stoney River Soaps - Mint Field Soap Bar

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If you have ever had the pleasure to walk by a mint plant, you might have noticed the overwhelming feeling of well-being and energy. Mint has that power. It is revitalizing as a scent, as a culinary aromatic herb, and as a circulation booster when used in a foot bath. The soap is perfect for a morning-shower pick me up. With the addition of a few drops of tea tree, it is so refreshing!! The bars are 4+ oz, and they measure 3.5x2.75x.8 in. Long lasting and mild. Made with olive oil, coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, mica, lye, essential oils. Custom labels We only print in black ink, so the logo has to be simple, in black, on a white background. You may email me your jpg at The labels are required to carry either your address or the manufacturer's (us). ***We reserve the right to decline designing and printing labels with logos or messages that go against our faith and values, such as anything with witchcraft, sexual, magic or mystical content, etc...