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Supporting Native Owned w/ Rubina Martini

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In celebration of Indigenous People’s Day, join Rubina Martini to learn how identity plays a role in shaping and developing their local shop PROCESS. Rubina is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation and a descendent of the Ioway Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska as well as Omaha of Nebraska. Rue grew up between Oklahoma Indian Territory and the West Coast before transplanting to central Wisconsin. While sustainability and low waste lifestyle lays the foundation for PROCESS, it is through a native lens that this quaint shop finds itself.

Guests of the evening will learn how identity has been woven through the store. We will explore responsibility as a small business to reflect and represent identity to our community. There will be an overview of the dozen new native brands brought into the store. Guests will leave with new language, an understanding of cultural appreciation and the confidence to say they support a local native owned shop.

Ticket includes refreshments, light snack, and an all native curated swag bag.