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Symbiotic Products LLC - Laundry Detergent Sheets| 400 loads | Retail/bulk Packaged

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This is the best buy on the market for quality, all-natural, concentrated laundry detergent sheets. Includes a label/sign. Attach the label to the top of the box and sell it as a retail package of "up to 1 year (up to 400 loads) of laundry" or put the label on the inside top of the box and use the recycled box as a retail, bulk display and sell by the sheet. Perfect for refilleries! Simply take an Eco-Clean Laundry Sheet, tear it in half along the perforated line, and throw it in the laundry tub with your clothes. Use a full sheet for unusually large or stained loads. Works great with any temperature of water in any washer (HE or standard). No more plastic jugs and messy liquids. Eco Clean Sheets are plant-based and concentrated laundry detergent for zero waste. No plastic. An all-natural, coconut-based formula that works! Plant-based enzymes do the work!