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Baby | Hair Brush and Comb Set

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Being gentle with babies and being gentle with Earth at the same time. It just makes sense.

Luxuriously Soft Goat Hair Bristles: Ideal For Cradle Caps
Premium Bamboo Bristles: Ideal For Scalp & Blood Circulation
Pear Wood Comb: Keep Your Baby's Hair Neat


Perfect for use after a nice warm bath. Give your baby an extra relaxing treatment before a good night's sleep. Take this moment to talk to your baby, let him/her listen and learn from you.

Tips: Wash hairbrush bristles with shampoo and air dry. Use goat bristles to brush scalp, followed by bamboo bristles to gently massage baby's scalp.

Products are thoughtfully-designed and handmade with love. Our hairbrush and comb set uses all natural materials. Perfectly sized for adult's grip and comes with a string loop for hanging on wall hooks.