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Winter Remedies

Winter Remedies

We cherish the time winter offers. It's a slower season where we take advantage of the time to connect and nest. It's also a time with more runny noses, hot tea and cooking big meals to savor for days. 

When we moved to central Wisconsin from the West Coast it was a learning curve for both Zay and myself. While I had lived in Upstate New York and Oklahoma, there’s nothing that quite braces you for the cold, long, winter of the upper midwest. Our first winter was a test of our emotional capacity in our relationship. Add in 3 feet of snow on Zay’s April birthday that first year, it did not help the feeling of a never ending melancholy, tension and angst.

We learned in that though that winter can make or break a first year transplant. It can especially test the foundation of a relationship.

Five winters later we feel like seasoned pros. Well maybe not pros, but seasoned at the least. This year is the most exciting for us though, both positive and just real. While we anticipate a newborn around January 29th and the joy of our family expanding, we also had a three year old in daycare, the retail holiday season to get through and plenty of nesting to do. I found reprieve in buying for PROCESS and sourcing things that added to our home and our sense of family routine. I wanted to embrace the season and ride out of it with new habits, routines and self-care. So no matter how much it snows in April, May or if we get a freeze in June, I know my heart and head are clear. 

Wild loves birthdays. We got them a plastic-free wood cake mixer from Kiwi Crate, PROCESS ordered in a Perpetual Birthday Calendar so we can make a habit of remembering others, and we added tasty honeys from our tribal lineage

Things that pulled me through personally: tea, investing in cloth wipes, and cooking together. 

I was never a tea drinker growing up or even through my twenties. It wasn't until I grew my own holy basil Tulsi tea I started. As someone who avoids single use plastic, I sure as hell can’t justify plasticy tea bags or tea that comes in plastic bags. With plenty of local tea I find loose leaf at the Stevens Point Area Coop or from our friends at Artha. My favorite new shiny toy though has been the Bombilla Filter Tea Straw. I throw in loose leaf tea in a favorite mug (we have locally made ones in the store) and I don’t have to worry about bags, strainers or infusers. 

One reason PROCESS exists is my “I can make that” mental notes. Ooooops. This mentality curses the best of us with the why buy it when I can make it philosophy. That’s great if you have time and skill. Well, the last time I made cloth wipes or napkins they weren’t big enough, I literally bought a used serger two hours away to do the project that I haven’t used since and the wipes are unmanageable in the wash. However, now that I sell them in our store, and after a year of judging others for not making their own… I own MANY pre-made cloth wipes (that I did not have to make). It was time with those runny noses and soon to be runny newborn… butt. These work out especially well since our family does not buy tissue paper or wet wipes. Yikes!

On a more personal note to our mental health and well-being this winter

For those who moved to the upper midwest recently, going through your first winter here…

For those of you who transplanted to central Wisconsin last summer and are experiencing a rural winter…

For those of you with gross, sick kids for the last few months…

I see you. 

While winter won’t be ending any time soon, the days are getting longer. There is plenty to do in the Stevens Point area. There is plenty of great food to eat, things to do and small local shops to support from Waupaca to Wausau. There are plenty of winter remedies to be had. Winter can be the time to nest, connect and sort. From a nine month pregnant person, curl in and embrace it. 


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