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PROCESS is a low waste home goods, body care shop + REFILLERY
located in central Wisconsin.



We are a shop curated through a native lens, for native and non-native folks. We try to bring in as many native owned goods as possible.

We also bring in items that complement the values that are naturally woven through Rubina's own indigenous identity. This includes finding sustainable, earth friendly, inclusive products, brands and makers as well.

We also prioritize LQBTQIA2S and BIPOC brands and makers given the opportunity!

Our main value is to live into the journey in everything we do. Folks often feel like they have to get it perfect from the start. PROCESS is meant to encourage us to try new things, pick away at creating more healthy habits, and continue to learn along the way.

When you shop with PROCESS you are supporting not just our native owned shop, but all the other native brands, makers and tribes we carry.

We prioritize sourcing and promoting native made goods!

PROCESS started as a low waste/zero waste shop. We originally only offered goods that were plastic free or package free. Over time we realized that sustainability is much more than creating less waste. It is how we build community, where we put our money, all while minimizing our impact on the earth. We tray and make shopping sustainably easy.

In our local community in central Wisconsin, representation matters. There really isn't anywhere to get body and/or sex positive goods. Having an online store for our local community to be able to find things and pick them up in person is super important to us. We also want to curate a collection that inspire our online base as well!