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Erika's Lenormand of Hope

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Created by Lenormand author Erika Robinson, and illustrated in paint, this oracle deck is very unique indeed...

This first-edition deck of 39 cards is a classical Lenormand deck (36 classic cards) with one extra woman card and one extra man card, which comes to 38 cards. Add one extra unique card from Erika, "Scales," as in the Scales of Justice... to make a total of 39 altogether. Note these cards are 3" wide, making them larger than a typical Petit Lenormand. Please see our other listings for a Petit Version, as well as a custom reading cloth.

Author: Erika Robinson

Artist: Erica Peebus

Publisher: La Panthère Studio

The cards are on quality 350gsm stock, with a smooth matte laminate finish and shiny blue metallic edge trim. Erika favors tins, so the cards come packaged in a gorgeous, embossed tin for easy portability. The tin features the floral painting on The Bouquet card.