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Murphy's Naturals - Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks

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When these incense sticks burn, the tested blend of essential oils is released into the air to repel mosquitoes. This incense provides up to 2.5 hours of protection. AKA, the perfect amount of time to host a backyard bash. 

Hold the incense stick down at an angle into a flame. Allow incense stick to catch fire. Burn for 15-20 seconds then blow out flame. Place the incense stick into a holder (sold separately), flower pot, or moist dirt.

Then, turn on the twinkly lights, kick back in your Adirondack, and bask in the aroma of relaxing, citrusy bliss.

- Rosemary Oil (4.5%)
- Peppermint Oil (2%)
- Citronella Oil (1%)
- Lemongrass Oil (1%)
- Cedarwood Oil (1%)

- Sawdust (90%)

No synthetics repellent. No added fillers. No dyes. Natural desiccant made of activated clay. 12ct