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Patch - Insect Bite Relief Spots 30ct

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Introducing our NEW Patch Bite Relief Spots – our activated charcoal bite relief spots are the natural way to help bites, stings and itches go away. How it works: Activated charcoal is highly absorbent and works like a magnet to the impurities in the bite wound. Once the impurities are drawn out, inflammation and redness is reduced minimising the risk of infection which helps promote faster and safer healing of the wound. Apply spots to mosquito bites, spider bites, bee stings, bug bites and other irritated wound types. Made with super soft bamboo fabric, with gentle pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) which is gentle on sensitive skin. It can be removed easily without pain or adhesive left behind. + Made with soft bamboo fabric with cute panda print design + Infused with activated charcoal + Get relief from bites and stings + Suitable for sensitive skin + Paraben free / latex free + Plastic free 100% cardboard packaging