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The Love of Colour - Natural Dye Kit

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Our second most popular kit, the Natural Dye Kit guides you through the process of mordant dyeing, the most common type of dyeing with plants. It contains the pre-measured mordants and four different dyestuffs. Enough to dye a yard of fabric, a ball of wool, or an adult t-shirt, in each of the four shades - pink, purple, orange and yellow. Can be used to dye either solid or tie dye. Complete with detailed instructions geared towards an absolute beginner and take the mystery out of where to to begin on a journey with natural dyes. Packaged in a sturdy, recyclable kraft paper box which has been silk screened by hand, they are graphic, giftable and easy to merchandise. Ingredients: alum (a foodsafe ingredient made of potassium aluminum sulfate), gallnut (tannin powder made from the galls formed on oak trees), logwood chips (haematoxylon campechianum), osage orange sawdust (maclura pomifera), madder root (rubia tinctoria), cochineal (dactylopius coccus).