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Prepack | Hand Soap

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This environmentally friendly hand soap has been carefully designed to have a minimal impact on the planet while providing the assurance of clean hands.

This product was developed to be used effectively without harming rivers, streams, fish habitats, and soil. 

With an unscented base hand soap customers can customize the scent themselves. For in store purchases customers may use a scent from our essential oil bar to personalize this purchase. 

Home Refillery

Process is committed to finding ways to make low waste living accessible. With our growler system, customers can create their very own refillery at home. This cuts down on the guilt every time you forget your containers at home. All growlers are returnable to and a deposit will be provided. Want to make it fancy? Purchase a pump to make filling at home easier.


Main Ingredient: purified water. Plants: lauryl decyl glucoside, lauramine oxide, potassium cocoate, hydroxyethyl cellulose, citric acid. Mineral: potassium hydroxide