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Perfume Oil Roller

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 We cannot say enough about Larry's creations at Modern Makers Home + Bath. Larry started in Milwaukee, WI then relocated to Grand Rapids, MI where he handcrafts every single product in his expansive scent-curated line. The scents he creates are lovely, clean, and expertly mixed for maximum enjoyment. Also check out the candles, incense, lotions, room sprays, and soaps.

This is the perfect perfume for on-the-go! Modern Makers uses premium carrier oils that nourish your skin + offer the perfect scent in each of our custom oil blends! This is the perfect water-free alternative to traditional perfume!

A little about the Perfume Oil Rollers:

  • Net wt. 10 ml // 10 ml amber bottle with metal roll on applicator
  • moisturizing oil blends perfect for daily use
  • use on pulse points (neck + wrists)
  • paraben + phthalate-free oils 

Ingredients: sunflower oil, macadamia nut oil, sweet almond oil, custom fragrance blend.