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Process Dry Shampoo

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Our dry shampoo is made in house so you don't have to pay for mysterious ingredients (that usually come in an aerosol can) or for a fancy brand name. Just all natural ingredients blended for different hair tones. 

Dry shampoo is your friend in between bathing - there for you when you just need to lift whatever is weighing you(r hair) down. Sprinkle lightly near the roots and comb, brush, or thoroughly work with hands thoroughly.

The idea is that the dry shampoo absorbs grease and then you gotta get it outta there! You'll know if you haven't done this effectively if you look like you've just dusted all the chandeliers in a decrepit Victorian home.


Light: arrowroot powder, white kaolin clay

Medium: arrowroot powder, white kaolin clay, cocoa powder

Dark: arrowroot powder, cocoa powder and activated charcoal powder 

Size: 0.8 oz by weight not volume

This product may not be recommended if you tend to have dry hair, dry scalp, itchy scalp or any type of scalp irritation or sensitivity.